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 About us

EliteMedica LLC is a supplier of surgical instruments, devices and surgical materials of leading world manufacturers.

EliteMedica LLC is the official distributor ETHICON part of the Johnson&Johnson family of companies in Ukraine in the following areas of medical products: Adjunctive Hemostasis, Energy Sealing & Dissecting (Ultrasound Generator GEN11), Surgical Stapling, Wound Closure (Absorbable Sutures and Non-Absorbable Sutures), Access (Trocars), Hernia Mesh & Fixation, Ligation (Clip Appliers), Draines, Uterine & Pelvic. 

EliteMedica LLC is an authorized exclusive distributor of a German manufacturer of surgical, minimally invasive instruments and IT solutions (BarCon software and ARIS technology) ASANUS Medizintechnik GmbH.

EliteMedica LLC is also an exclusive representative of the American company Thompson Surgical Instruments, which provides uncompromising exposure of various surgical retractors.


Since 2005, our company has been successfully cooperating with state and private medical institutions, pharmacy networks and sub-distributors in the Ukrainian market.


Being a reliable strategic partner, we provide a new level of medicine by supplying goods and equipment of the highest quality world's market leaders.

The company offers a wide range of unique products for clinics of any caliber.


EliteMedica - ccomplex partner of medical institutions.


Our goods

Thompson’s retractor systems
Surgical instruments

"Daily" and "Premium" line ASANUS

Energy Sealing & Dissecting

Harmonic, Enseal, G11

Wound Closure

Dermabond, Coated Vicryl, Ethibond, Ethilon, Monocryl, Prolene, PDS II


Ligaclip, Ligamax, Extra Ligating Clips, 

Adjunctive Hemostats

Surgisel, Surgisel Snow, Surgisel Fibrellar, Surgiflo, Surgisel Nu-Knit

Surgical Stapling

Echelon Circular, Echelon Flex, Contour, Linear Cutter

Blake Silicone Drains

Flat and round

Hernia Mesh & Fixation

Ethicon Securestrap, Proceed, Prolene, Ultrapro

About us
Our goods


years of experience


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Our customers

Our customers
CitiDoctor is a full-cycle surgical center

built on a completely new formula for Ukrainian medicine. The medical center consists of 4 floors, they equipped for specific tasks and their solutions for each patient

Tel. +38 (044) 355-23-42 

Universal non-governmental clinic "Oberig"

consultations and inpatient medical care according to world standards with a multidisciplinary approach. Effective warning and solving complex problems. Radiological diagnostics, gastroenterology, endoscopy, gynecology, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with stroke, pediatrics, children's allergology, minimally invasive surgery.

Telephone: +38 (044) 521-03-03

LLC "Gudmedical"

actively develops on the market seeling medical goods in Uzhhorod. Successfully cooperates with pharmacies, doctors, medical institutions, and the network of retail stores. We work for our clients, therefore we constantly increase the range of goods. For our clients, we have flexible prices, optimal delivery times and an individual approach.

Telephone: +38 (050) 526 64 43

«Naturelle» is a new generation medical center

that provides a full cycle of dental services. Pleases the world with beautiful smiles and health customers. Complies with international standards of modern dentistry.

Telephone: +38 (044) 353 00 00


Customer reviews

Universal Clinic "Oberig" recommends "EliteMedica" as a reliable, qualified, efficient supplier and responsible partner.

During our cooperation, "ELITEMEDICA" has established itself as a reliable supplier of medical goods.

Of all the suppliers who have processed our orders, we want to highlight LLC "ELITEMEDICA".

Sytnik Katerina

Smagliy Vadim

Ekaterina Kutova


Передня поперекова кільцева система Thom
The first in the world transplant of synthetic trachea was carried out successfully.


A team of surgeons from Karolinska University Hospital in the suburbs of Stockholm, conducted a synthetic organ transplantation operation.


An artificial heart without a pulse can replace the human's heart


Researchers at the Texas Heart Institute have successfully replaced the human heart with an artificial pump at 10,000 rpm, which leaves patients completely pulseless.


Surgical glue patches "broken" hearts


In order to reduce the invasiveness of surgical procedures, researchers have developed a new glue that can seal heart defects in seconds - and stay tight under pressure.


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